*One Shot*

Erik proposes to Charles who is afraid to give him an answer because of a secret he’s been keeping… he’s pregnant

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just watched the new trailer and

I can’t believe the costume design department forgot Erik and Charles’ wedding rings???

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Oh, my friend.

Charles Xavier [ aka the three saddest words ever uttered in the history of ever. ] (via anadorablelabrat)

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Erik Lensherr & Charles Xavier

That Time Magneto, Wolverine And Professor X Re-enacted The 'Blurred Lines' Video →



TWO hot guys dressed as characters from a superhero film cavorting to Blurred Lines – now there’s an image for the ladies…

HUGH JACKMAN has revealed he and MICHAEL FASSBENDER danced around to ROBIN THICKE’s hit in between shooting scenes for the latest X-Men flick.

Hugh told us:…


OMG that look like Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr from X-men